Welcome to my news page which I keep up-to-date with any significant information about me and my work, such as exhibitions for example. You can find more detailed and regular updates on how I work on social media. You can access them through my website or go directly via my Instagram or Facebook accounts.
This news page started its life in autumn 2016 when I was required to write a blog during my MA degree course in Ceramics at the University of Central Lancashire in Preston, UK. Thus, going back you will find many blogs chronicling my artistic developments along with more personal observations made during those two years. 

Learning Agreement: Version 1

Finally I have got around putting my Learning Agreement into the proper format. Hope it will be what is expected. More importantly, I'm hoping it will give me as a useful reminder of what to concentrate on in the next few months until our next practical assessment in May. Links to previous or later versions of this Learning Agreement: 1st draft, 2nd version and 3rd version.

First pattern trials: Pueblo

I am currently researching patterns found on pottery made by the Pueblo people, especially Acoma Pueblo pots. Thus I've been copying images of pots I like and am drawing parts of these patterns that particularly appeal to me. I've noticed that there are endless variations on quite similar basic patterns often using a very limited range of colours. Today I've tried to loosely transfer some of these patterns onto a cup I've thrown. I am trying out a specialist ceramic design fineliner for the black lines. This is more difficult than I thought it would be. Not only can the fine nozzle clog up but because one has to press the bottle to squeeze the black underglaze ink out it is rather strenuous

Food Project: finished

After thinking that this piece was a lost cause because the applied glaze was mixed incorrectly and didn't melt properly I decided to give it another go. Luckily I had not glazed the entire piece, just the inside and all the textured areas. The remaining body of the pot was unglazed. However, the misfired glaze was caking and obliterating all the detail I managed to get by doing a shellac-resist technique. So, I spent about four hours or more patiently sanding back the glaze to reveal the raised clay pattern. The remaining white glaze would just sit in the recesses. Then I just applied a transparent glaze over the areas with the old glaze and retired it to ca 1260-70 degrees C oxidation. I a

Surface painting trials

Some time ago I came across a very interesting video clip in which the American potter Erin Furimsky demonstrates a decorating technique using slip trailed and layered slips: I thought this may be something I can incorporate into my work. And here is my first attempt at it: This is promising and I will do some more trials with layering more colours. I really like the fine black outline that shows up.

Underglaze surface decorations

Back after a nice Christmas break I'm slowly easing myself into the swing of things by working on some surface decorations. I've used my plaster mould to give this plate some shape but added bumps to it in order to create a more organic feel. I am not sure whether this is really successful but it is worth a try. However, I did realise that I chose the wrong clay for this. It has such low internal strength and placidity that it started cracking around the edges even though I had used that clay directly from the bag, i.e. really quite wet. I will reserve the rest of this clay bag for throwing, which suits it well.

Literature & Contextual Reviews

I'm not at all sure whether these two written pieces of work were totally off the mark or not. However, what personally makes me feel good about them was the fact that I tried to make an argument and follow it through. I think I've managed that. How much this research will directly inform my practically work directly will remain to be seen. Here are the links to the full essays:

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