Welcome to my news page which I keep up-to-date with any significant information about me and my work, such as exhibitions for example. You can find more detailed and regular updates on how I work on social media. You can access them through my website or go directly via my Instagram or Facebook accounts.
This news page started its life in autumn 2016 when I was required to write a blog during my MA degree course in Ceramics at the University of Central Lancashire in Preston, UK. Thus, going back you will find many blogs chronicling my artistic developments along with more personal observations made during those two years. 

Researching Patterns: African Textiles

So far I have looked at patterns found in Acoma Pueblo pottery, Iznik pottery of the Ottoman Empire and Islamic geometrical pattern. I next wanted to look at patterns found in Africa and have decided to concentrate on patterns found in African textiles. I guess that of all the patterns researched so far this pattern family is the most personal and familiar to me as I've grown up with many African textiles and objects at home. Just to illustrate this point I gathered some of the items I live with at home which were made in Africa for this photo: These sort of things were always held in great esteem by my parents. In part they were a link to a life they left behind when the moved to Europe but

New addition: making large platters

Thinking ahead of what might sell at a pottery fair such as the upcoming Earth & Fire exhibition in June I am trying to develop a more commercially accessible range which would sit comfortably next to my sculptural work. As Dave, our MA tutor, rightfully pointed out people may like my sculptures but are more reluctant to buy something purely ornamental especially if it is large and expensive. So far I've adjusted the size of my figures to offer different price points. I have also made a range of little pinch pot, which are both test pieces and may work commercially. However, both my small figures and pinch pots will have a limited market value purely due to their size. Also, the pinch pots a

Lubaina Himid exhibition: Hard Times

So, if an artist, who lives Preston and teaches at the same uni, goes on to win the Turner prize I think one is bound to see their exhibition at the local Harris Museum. I had a quick look around but couldn't make much of it. Luckily I spotted to handout and this made the pieces really come to life. The leaflet's introduction mentions that Lubaina focuses artistically and professionally on "reclaiming of individual identities lost in historical or political generalisations". This resonates quite deeply with me as questions of identity is a major driving force in my work. I also find that trying to pinpoint identities via a historical or political lens may help explain some elements of identi

Study trip to the International Ceramics Studio in Kecskemet, Hungary

This is my second time travelling to the International Ceramics Studio in Kecsekemet. Two years ago the trip was a joint trip made up of UCLan ceramic students and members of Northern Pottery Association. This time it was made up with current pottery MA students and recent graduates in addition to our course leader, David Binns, and our technician, Geoff Wilcock. Thus, I had a fair idea of what awaited us during our two weeks in Hungary and expectations were high. Having returned back home I can only say that these were exceeded and we had a great time full of intense pottery making. Here I'm not even trying to attempt to record of all the different activities but limit myself to just a few

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