Welcome to my news page which I keep up-to-date with any significant information about me and my work, such as exhibitions for example. You can find more detailed and regular updates on how I work on social media. You can access them through my website or go directly via my Instagram or Facebook accounts.
This news page started its life in autumn 2016 when I was required to write a blog during my MA degree course in Ceramics at the University of Central Lancashire in Preston, UK. Thus, going back you will find many blogs chronicling my artistic developments along with more personal observations made during those two years. 

Another seasonal Raku firing session

It seems that this is turning into an annual festive tradition on the MA course: a Raku firing session marking the end of the semester before the Xmas break. This time I managed to plan ahead and decided whether I may be able to use this not just for the fun of pyrotechnics but to see whether this may something I may use within the overall context of my work. So, I made two pieces from Ashraf Hanna white Raku clay, one larger slab-build three legged pot and a smaller figure from multiple pinch pots put together. The three legged one is a variation of a Raku pot I made three years ago in a different clay (see left), just without the frill around the top edge and no glaze or oxides. I decided

Continued search for s/w Honey glaze: part 2

At this year's Pots in the Park exhibition I got to talk to Doug Fitch, who kindly offered to share with me his recipe for a honey glaze I saw on his stand that was fired to a high temperature. For various reasons I don't think this is the one for me though. Pity. Discussing this with Dave he suggested that I might want to tinker around with Pam Hunter's LG by decreasing the lead content and upping the Feldspar thus substituting one flux for another that fluxes at a higher temperature. Test: One set of test tiles where I've reduced Lead Bisilicate from 70% to 60% and increased Feldspar from 10% to 20% and another set with Lead Bisilicate at 50% and Feldspar at 30%. Both sets have various oxi

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