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Food Project: finished

After thinking that this piece was a lost cause because the applied glaze was mixed incorrectly and didn't melt properly I decided to give it another go. Luckily I had not glazed the entire piece, just the inside and all the textured areas. The remaining body of the pot was unglazed. However, the misfired glaze was caking and obliterating all the detail I managed to get by doing a shellac-resist technique. So, I spent about four hours or more patiently sanding back the glaze to reveal the raised clay pattern. The remaining white glaze would just sit in the recesses.

Then I just applied a transparent glaze over the areas with the old glaze and retired it to ca 1260-70 degrees C oxidation. I am very, very please with the result. I like the subtle differences between the white glaze and the colour of the clay and the matt and shiny areas. Not bad for a rescued write off!

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