Welcome to my news page which I keep up-to-date with any significant information about me and my work, such as exhibitions for example. You can find more detailed and regular updates on how I work on social media. You can access them through my website or go directly via my Instagram or Facebook accounts.
This news page started its life in autumn 2016 when I was required to write a blog during my MA degree course in Ceramics at the University of Central Lancashire in Preston, UK. Thus, going back you will find many blogs chronicling my artistic developments along with more personal observations made during those two years. 

MA Poster Presentation: Show & Tell

A sizeable part of our final assessment in October will be the Poster which accompany our degree show. This poster is intended as a document that explains our work. As practice run, all design MA courses have to make a test poster, which will hang among all the other design MA posters and all MA students will go around have a look at them and discuss their work among their design MA peers. Initially this proposal was not very popular among us ceramic students. However, in hindsight it wasn’t really as bad or painful as we imagined. For one, I got an introduction to a desktop publishing software program, InDesign. I’m familiar with the old QuarkXpress which has given me a head start on under

Talk by Michael Eden - ceramic maker

Unfortunately not that many students wrestled the 'Beast from the East' into submission to attend this most informative talk by Mike Eden in a very, very cold lecture theatre. Their loss as this was a great talk of how combine new digital technologies with an understanding based on a traditional craft background to investigate and make new innovative art/objects that questions and investigates not only our relationship to the past but also looking at our position within an increasingly digital world. Michael gave us a quick resume of his early start as a 'traditional' potter who, after making a living out of producing traditional functional slipware, got interested in digital coding while cr

Talk on Self-Employment by Wendy Mason

I only heard of this talk the day before it happened but was lucky to be able to attend. Wendy Mason, the National Director of AA2A (Artists Access to Art Colleges) and a trained jeweller and silversmith, gave a two hour fact pact talk. Of course, there is only so much you can cover during that time but it was really helpful as I knew close to nothing about this and thought this is probably what I'll need to do in future. We were given a few useful tips about private workspaces and the potentials of business rates which wouldn't have occurred to me. The same applies to the kind of cost you can legitimately claim for as expenses. Taxes are still a bit scary but I'm sure that is doable once yo

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