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Version 3 of Learning Agreement

Getting ready for my big assessment tomorrow I've managed to hone my newest version of the Learning Agreement. This is a chance to take stock work I've done so far while planning ahead on how best to spend my time and energy until we finish in October this year.

I started this MA in October 2016 and the further down the study route I go the more I am finding my own artistic voice. Obviously, my working practices and outcomes are getting more focussed but the biggest change between version 2 and 3 of this Learning Agreement is my greater understanding of the Context/Rational of my work. That is, I am finding out what ideas and personal motivations underpin my focus on surface decorations. Up until a couple of months ago I wasn't actually aware how important and personal this was to me. I now feel happy that I can link my obviously very decorative pieces with a deeper meaning. Ah, that sounds a bit ... trite ... but I'll let it stand as it makes sense to me!

If you want to know what all this 'waffle' is about, click on the image below and you can read the Learning Agreement in full:

Link to full text of Learning Agreement

Links to previous or later versions of this Learning Agreement: 1st draft, 1st version and 2nd version.

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