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Surface decorating another marquette

Using another small marquette I made some time ago I'm not trying my hand at using the Islamic inspired design patterns. This is the pattern from my sketch book I chose to use as it is fairly simple.

Instead of mapping it out with pencil I used the design liners to do a free hand version of the central shape directly onto the shape. However I soon noticed that I had to really adapt the blue star shaped patterns to make even a basic pattern going around the form of the piece. Islamic patterns are terribly intricate and complicated and rely on mathematical precision to work. They don't lend themselves to covering weird un-geometical shapes. Not that I currently have the patience or the skill to work them anyway. I'm in awe of the skill of people making these patterns.

Anyway, once I finished the blue decorations with the red detailing I added the white star shapes. I thought I would be nice to have extra detailing on the surface, which would possibly melt visually into the background and be more texturally than visual.

However, I then went on to add the black areas. They are the least Islamic inspired areas and, for me, work the least well. Maybe, Islamic patterns would work partially on larger pieces. The Islamic patterns of my research have mostly been applied within architectural context where we are dealing with a) larger scale and b) geometric surfaces such walls or domes.

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