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Decorating Marquettes

Next big step on my making schedule would be to decorated my two larger figures. But, as I've spent such a long time shaping them, I'm proceeding rather cautiously. Thus, I'm now trying my hand at adding decorations to some of my little marquette. Instead of using the Mayco design liners, which are quite difficult to work with as the constant squeezing of the bottles can cause my right arm to ache, I'm trying out the Chrysanthos underglazes in the applicator bottles by Xiem.

I actually didn't like this marquette without the decoration. The trumpet shaped opening was to dominant. However, this piece works much better with the black and white patterns. I've tried not to overcrowd every surface with pattern but leave some white spaces for the eyes to rest on and also vary the density of black lines.

This is just a little pebble shaped marquette and will serve further as a test piece for glazes.

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