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Eight decorated mugs finished

My first set of eight thrown and decorated mugs are finally finished - I think!

They have taken me a long time and most have been in the kilns through four firings. They are not perfect but I have learnt a lot and have found a lot that I can build on. My favourite is the one in the front. It is just so nice and light and good to hold.

What I'm taking forward from this is that I need to pay even more attention to the rims. I like them thin and slightly outward flared. However, I need make sure that they are not too thin so that the edge becomes sharp. It is amazing how much these mugs have shrunk during drying and firing. I would say at least by 15% from when they came off the potter's wheel.

Anyway, I cannot wait until after my assessment when I can take them home with me and put them to proper use.

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