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Developing larger figures: sizing up the marquette

Now I need to make a larger version of my marquette. I opted for coiling it. Dave suggested that I start with an upside-down dome which is what I did. However, first I marked up my marquette with a line transferring its shape to a piece of newspaper.

I used this outline to determine the shape of my coils.

The newspaper is helping to stabilise the shape.

Always checking whether the large shape is similar to the marquette.

Once it has dried and got a bit firmer I turn it on its back and continue my coiling. This causes various problems:

- Access to the interior to smooth out the coils is difficult.

- As the bottom is round and carries a lot of weight it tends to loose its shape and flatten out. This I hoped to prevent by placing it on the soft foam and supporting the curved sides with bubble wrap.

- Because the bottom is covered by the bubble wrap it is difficult to see the overall shape of the piece. I'm hoping to be able to paddle them back into shape later on. I just need to make sure it won't get too dry.

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