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New test tiles

This is trying out my new Mayco design liners and a black clay.

Wanting to see how the design liners and underglaze work on black clay and also see what the three new design liner colours look like once fired to stoneware oxidation.

Testing out how the underglazes will come out after firing. This is before glazing.

And there results are rather mixed. Firstly, the clay body colour is a dark brown and not black. The underglazes don't really work. They cover properly and subsequently look rather dirty. However, the design liner work better than anticipated. Even the black lines on the dark clay create a subtle but rather nice effect.

The white lines on the dark tile works well. The white liner, where it tends to be thinner around the edges, disappears and the lines are thinner than when applied. It still has a slip trailed quality just much smaller in scale. The tile is only about 6 x 6 cm.

The larger test tile on the lighter tile reminds me a bit of mille fiori. As I have now adjusted to applicator bottles a bit more I don't find them as hard to use and may order a few more colours.

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