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Exhibiting: Northern Potters

I have been a member of Northern Potters - West for a few years. It is a good opportunity to meet likeminded local potters with very different backgrounds. We meet about four times a year to exchange information, discuss what is coming up locally and organise exhibitions. And sometimes it is just simply a good opportunity to have a chat over a pint of beer.

This year marks the 40th anniversary of NPA and we start it with showing our work in PR1 gallery at the University of Central Lancashire. This exhibition is running from the 7th to 24th February.

I was pleased by the feedback I got at the opening by people telling me how good my work looks and much I've come along during my MA. Of course, all my work showing is pre-MA but it just means that I'm on the right way and I'm looking forward to how my new work will get received.

My slip cast dishes and a selection of brooches and pendants.

My plates in reds and green are also slip cast.

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