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Further surface painting trials

Trying out different patterns using coloured slips and underglazes.

I applied paper stencils on three tiles to mask out any slips. Then I used a hair dye applicator bottle as a slip trailer to apply different patterns in coloured slips.

Next all pieces were covered with a layer of slip or underglaze.

Then another layer of detailed decoration was added.

This was again covered under another layer of slip or underglaze. I tried to remove the paper strips carefully.

The tiles were left to dry slightly before I used a metal kidney to scrape off the top layer of slips to reveal the patterns made. In some cases where there was a bottom layer of underglaze overlaying layers came off. That was not my intention. Slips seem to bond better with the clay when applied thickly.

Next, the tiles were bisque fired and then I used a diamond pad to wet sand the surfaces to reveal the patterns. Some more of the loose layer flaked off. Also, one has to be careful not to sand too much around the edges or else one reveals the clay beneath the patterns.

The final stage will be to see how they come out after having a clear glaze put on and glaze fired.

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