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Visiting Anvil and Brockhouse potteries

Next on our agenda in Wales was a quick stop at a village pottery, The which is run by Allan Hughes and Krithia Roberts. It is housed in a draughty, ram shackled and terribly charming building opposite the village church. The pots were very inexpensive but well made. They were all of a certain style and glaze. However, they would also make bespoke pottery to a client’s wishes. Despite having electric kilns this pottery felt like it had stood still in time.

Our next stop was a stark contrast. We stopped off at the Brookhouse Pottery run by Margaret and David Frith. This is a very organised and professional pottery with big showrooms, roomy pottery studio and multiple kilns both in and outdoors. As expected, their sales prices were accordingly high. Their pots seem to be very influenced by oriental pottery.

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