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Second Assignment: maximalism

Once I got a good start on my minimalist piece I decided to concentrate on the maximalist 'Stand & Deliver' piece. I had no intention of linking these two in any way, except that they should be distinctly different from each other.

Just as the minimalist boats were more an exercise in shape and form and reflected my minimal emotional involvement with these pieces, the maximalist piece was to be highly personal and charged with emotion. I have decided to use my strong feelings about the Brexit vote earlier this year as a topic of this piece. This is not supposed to be highly balanced, refined and political response to the outcome of the referendum but a polemical outlet for my highly objective frustrations.

For this I returned to figurative work and am inspired by African 'tribal' sculptures. These, along with African masks, have always been something that fascinated me from childhood on. Here are some of my sketches copying African art:

And looking at full figures I am developing my own:

Here is a link to my rather theoretical thoughts that underpin the development of this piece - warning: it's a bit of a rant! link: Brexit a personal take on it

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