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Developing larger figures: refining its shape

Coiling a closed shape like this figure has the advantage of being quite light in weight. However, it is difficult to close it as the last sections cannot be smoothed from the inside. I can only hope that my paddling will add overall strength.

I am constantly looking and comparing the different angles and surfaces between the marquette and larger version to get a close match. Because the larger figure is quite heavy, has lots of curved surfaces and isn't hard yet the angles I can position it in is limited.

The size and angle of the foot is posing the most problems.

Having spent a lot of time coiling and refining the overall shape of my larger figure by continuously referencing the little marquette I have decided to put the marquette out of the way and assess the large figure by its own merits.

The surface is getting more and more even through repeated scraping, beating and smoothing. I have also been able to adjust the angle of the leg.

Another few days of very slow drying will give me the opportunity of further refining. Anna suggested to use a strong sidelight to highlight any imperfection otherwise not visible under the flat studio lights.

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