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I have been painting on and off for years and mostly use acrylic paints which I often pair with other mixed media elements such as powder pigments, coloured inks and gummed tape..I paint portraits and landscapes in which I generally try to introduce some element of controlled accident which I then have to react to and attempt to work with, but often when I start a painting I have no definite preconception of where the painting will take me.

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In Search Of Poe

Acrylics & ink on cavas, 50 x 70 cm, 2012. This painting started off as a reworking of an existing painting of characters found in works by Edgar Allan Poe. I struggled for a long time with a very illustrative and representational interpretation then I abandoned it. A few years later I returned to totally transform it. Slight glimpses of the original underpainting still come through. The fractured targets representing my painting process here. I aimed for one thing but created another.