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I am a visual artist working in Preston, UK. However, I have only been living in the UK since my mid twenties. I am German/South African - born in South Africa but raised in Hamburg, Germany. I also spent one year living in the USA.

Micaela Schoop artist and potter in Preston, England

Even though I have attended many evening classes over the years, I have had little formal training in the arts except for completing a year long foundation course in art and design. This, I hoped, would help me decide on which of the many disciplines to concentrate on. Instead it has reinforced my belief that I should embrace my many interests instead of sacrificing one for another.


I love creating aesthetically pleasing objects and pictures by drawing, painting, printing, illustrating or making ceramics. My experiences in these different disciplines influence and cross-pollinate with each other.


Most of my work is highly decorative because I enjoy the interaction of line and colour though texture is also very important. I use different media to produce a range of aesthetic effects, and am happy to utilise computer technology as part of my creative process.